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Macro Based Diner was founded in late 2017. After years of helping people with their nutrition, the one struggle Mike faced was ensuring his clients stuck to a healthy eating plan. After hearing that his clients were struggling to eat plain chicken and rice, Mike knew there was a gap in the market...

That's when Macro Based Diner was created, the diner sells healthy AND tasty meals, which are all calorie counted and weighed out to the gram, making sure there's no room for failure!

  • What are the benefits of meal prep?

    Meal prepping is a great way to prepare for the day ahead. Solve all your food decisions in advance which will free up some of your willpower and stress, helping you reach your goals faster and easier...

  • Get breakfast, snacks and every meal...

    We have various options available to suit everyone. Get the right number of meals to suit your lifestyle and dietary needs, taking away the hassle and guesswork.

  • Healthy food can be tasty too!

    We pride ourselves in using the best quality ingredients in our food to ensure the taste is of the highest standard. We aim to prove that healthy food can and does taste good!

With a 4.6 star Trustpilot rating, the multi award winning Macro Based Diner should be your number 1!

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